3 Best Stocks to Invest in Today That Will Help You Retire Rich

Stocks are the best way to generate wealth. Why? Stock market historian Jeremy Siegel has studied stock returns since 1802 and found that over periods of 20 and 30 years, stocks have far greater upside with far less downside than supposedly “safer” investments like bonds or bank accounts.

best stocks to invest today

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Today, I’ve just downloaded and read a report from The Motley Fool that reveals 3 profitable stocks that will help you retire rich. If you are looking for the best stocks to invest in today, you can take a look at these 3 profitable stocks.

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor unearthed three stocks that show the different investing methods you can use to put together the perfect portfolio that include:


Stock #1: A growth stock that shows that the Internet CAN make you rich!

Growth stocks like Amazon, the Internet retail giant, is a great company to invest and to build up huge amounts of wealth. From single-digit prices, the company has delivered gains of thousands of percentage points. Yet even with that success, it has managed to hold onto the ingredients that helped it grow from a fledging start-up to its current status atop the retail world.


Stock #2: A Value Stock That Even An Oracle Would Buy

The value stocks Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s investment arm, shouldn’t be left behind. Berkshire has produced amazing wealth for long-term shareholders. With the company’s book value having jumped an astounding 513,000% from 1964 to the end of 2011, the original Class A shares of Berkshire stock recently fetched over $140,000 per share, giving a hint of their appreciation from their much more modest levels in the 1960s and 1970s.


Stock #3: A Dividend Stock with Loads of Growth Potential

One of the best company to invest for dividend stock is Nucor. Unlike most of its competitors, Nucor combines growth prospects with a healthy dividend that was recently in the 3% to 3.5% range. Having survived the financial crisis with minimal damage, Nucor has seen its shares rise dramatically in anticipation of a pick-up in economic activity throughout the global economy.


There’s a secret to getting rich in the stock market. It’s a secret that’s not hard to discover, but it is hard to follow through on.

In the end, finding the best stocks to invest your hard-earned money (whether it is growth stocks, value stocks or dividend stocks) and carefully investing on the portfolio that has the best opportunity to bring good return on investments (ROI) needs your analytic mind and not an emotional one.

If you are a newbie in stock investing, you might need expert advice before starting your stock marketing investing journey. For it’s like a suicide to invest your money in stocks with blinders.

To discover more tips on the best stocks to invest today, you can check out Motley Fool Stock Investing Advice page.

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